Teeny's Cottage

Star Gazing and Night Skies

The location of Teeny's cottage in the top of Skye looking North is ~10 miles from the nearest street light making it ideal for star gazing and sky watching. During spring and autumn the 'Northern Lights' Aurora Borealis can often be seen over the Minch from the cottage's front door. See main photo taken by cottage guest Richard Peck.

In winter, the milky way is especially clear directly overhead Teeny's Cottage, and constellations such as Orion are visible over the moor to the south of the cottage. Shooting stars can also be often seen.

Contact Details

Denis & Rose Blackham
near Edinbane
Isle of Skye
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telephone: (+44) 0 1470 582777
mobile: (+44) 0 7747 036101